Santa Sacks by Willow and the Owl

Christmas is just around the corner folks, and that means… it’s time to order your Santa Sacks! Our friends at Willow and the Owl have a very cute selection this year, with traditional red and green, or something bright in quirky in aqua, pink, green, or sunshine yellow. Pre-orders close in a few weeks. Scroll down for more info or visit the Willow and the Owl Etsy store.

Willow and the Owl Santa Sacks

Willow and the Owl Santa Sacks are available in striped, polka dot, or linen with pom pom trim. Theses Santa Sacks are handmade from 100% cotton and are fully lined to stand the test of time. Personal, colourful, durable, and machine washable!

  • Regular 22″ long x 21″ wide (56cm x 53cm) $55
  • Linen with pom pom trim 21″ x 22″ (53cm x 56cm) $65
  • Large 35″ long x 24″ wide (89cm x 61cm) $65


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