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I’m absolutely thrilled today to introduce you to the very talented Jodie from Twinkle Star. I was excited to add a pair of handmade Sassy Shorts to the KID independent wardrobe and I’m pleased to announce that I’m joining the Twinkle Star fan club! I invite you to take a virtual journey through Jodie’s creative mind… it’s filled with fabulous fabrics and sweet silhouettes.

Twinkle Star handmade children's, girls, clothing, dresses, shorts

The Product Review

The Twinkle Star Sassy Shorts are impeccably crafted from Jennifer Paganelli fabric (Jenny Eliza range) using a fabulous pattern by Ginger Baby. This was an exclusive USA release, so Jodie was lucky to snag a few metres! The colours are magnificent, in beautiful emerald green with flower clusters in pink, blue, and gold.

My favourite features of the Sassy Shorts are the usable pockets (handy for storing little treasures) and the contrasting pink and red polka dots on the waistband and pocket lining. I also adore the lace trim, which gives an added hint of charm. The quality of these shorts easily surpasses anything you’d find in your local department store, and they are highly likely to become a cherished item over the long hot Australian summer.

The verdict… playful, charming, and exceptional quality!

Twinkle Star handmade children's, girls, clothing, dresses, shorts

The Indie Label

Jodie fell in love with sewing and creating in her early teens, spending hours on the weekends with her grandmother who taught her everything she needed to know. She says, “Soon after came University and a few years of working with babies and children in Long day care and Preschools. Once I started having my own children, I rediscovered my passion for creating amazing, wearable garments from a beautiful piece of fabric and started “Twinkle Star” in 2010″.

Twinkle Star handmade children's, girls, clothing, dresses, shorts

The Creative Mind

Jodie chose her name in honour of her favourite part of teaching little poppets. She explains, “One of the best parts about working with children is you get to read them stories and sing songs. I often asked the children what songs they wanted to sing, and the most requested song by far was “twinkle twinkle little star” – often shortened to “twinkle star”. When I was trying to decide on a business name, it was important to me for it to be related to children and to be unisex, so “twinkle star” made sense”.

Jodie is a mum of three, two boys aged 2 and 4, and a 6 year old daughter. She draws her inspiration from the seasons, current fashion trends, amazing fabric designers and her children’s current interests and needs. Her favourite fabric designers are Jennifer Paganelli, Tanya Whelan and Michael Miller and as for patterns, she says, “Aussie pattern makers are the best”!

Twinkle Star handmade children's, girls, clothing, dresses, shorts

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Jodie (in her own words):

  1. I have a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of teaching, Diploma of children’s services and taught Children’s Services at TAFE.

  2. I love movies, shopping, music and Iced Coffee.

  3. I have Bell’s Palsy.

The Handmade Collection

Twinkle Star creates boutique quality children’s clothing for newborns up to size 10, including dresses, skirts, shorts, harem pants, rompers, nappy covers, appliqued and embellished tops and matching hair accessories.

Jodie has just released a special range for Christmas, which is now available for pre-order.

Twinkle Star handmade children's, girls, clothing, dresses, shorts, christmas


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