Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

This selection of gifts was compiled with boys in mind, although of course all these items are unisex and may be equally loved by girls! We love picking out handmade goodies for Christmas gifts as they are truly unique and you won’t find most of these items on the shelves of big name department stores. Happy shopping!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys, infants, presents, handmade toys, wooden toys

Christmas Gift for Boys

  1. Crayon Rocks by Snoozie & Moose
  2. Blue Ethan Tee by MÔMES
  3. MIBO Lion Backpack by VnC Online
  4. Robot Shorts by Mini Mayhem
  5. Christmas Monkey by Annabel Trends
  6. Highway Wall Stickers by Chocovenyl
  7. Plan Toys Curvy Click Clack by Yogee Toys
  8. Superhero Magnetic Travel Set by Babee & Me
  9. Quut Alto Sand-Builder by Tiger Tribe
  10. Wombat Softie by Mini Me & You
  11. Wooden Vehicle and Traffic Sign 16 Piece Set by Indie Art & Design
  12. Goh Goh Pull Along by Earth Tribe
  13. Puzzle Pairs by Glottogon
  14. Dani Bear by CuddleCorner
  15. Boys Super Dry Towels by Wovii
  16. Monster Crowns by Schooza Handmade
  17. Boys Circle Tee by Baobab
  18. Crochet Teddy Bear by RosieOK
  19. DJ Headphones Tee by Young and Moodie
  20. Seedling Design Your Own Drum! by Mummy I Love You
  21. Playsuits and Tees by Li’l Zippers


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