Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

It’s time for some sweet, imaginative, and playful gift ideas for girls (although we’re sure that lots of boys will like some of these goodies too). Whether your girls are into pink and pretty presents, crafty creations, scientific discoveries, or animal adventures, there’s something for all tastes. Stay tuned for more Christmas gift ideas in the coming weeks!

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Christmas Gifts for Girls

  1. Eloise Vintage Flower Girl Dress by Oh Veronica
  2. Twig Poppy Pixie Wooden Toy Camera by Mickey House
  3. Fabric Covered Letters / Names by Rubify
  4. Vintage Tea Set by Tiger Tribe
  5. Mermaid Domino by Glottogon
  6. DIY Sock Monkey Kit by Squiggly Monkeys
  7. Pencil Rolls by Jumi Creations
  8. Mindy Mouse by CuddleCorner
  9. Ein-O Science Green Energy Solar Kit by Baby Vegas
  10. Oh! So Crummy Yellow Play Doh by Snoozie & Moose
  11. Livie & Luca Bloom Sandal by Baby Bootique
  12. Personalised Aprons by Little Chook
  13. Lapin & Me Woodland Doll by Baby Donkie
  14. Adventure Passport Kit by Divisible by Zero
  15. Kids Natural Play Makeup Kit by Pure Poppet
  16. Storytale Jewellery Collection by Schmooks
  17. Fairy House Light by Magic Fairy House
  18. Art Prints by The Monkey Brush
  19. Leather Children’s Shoes by All About Heidi
  20. Unicorn Softie by Rose & Henry by Mum
  21. Headbands by Cheeki Babi


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