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Hello friends, I’ve been really looking forward to writing this review today as when it comes to summer in Australia, a hat is a child’s best friend. Kara from Little Sun Hat creates some seriously stylish little noggin lids from sweet designer fabrics in awesomely adorable styles. Oh, and she’s also having a summer sale (half price anyone!?!?!) Prepare to swoon, and get ready to shop!

Little Sun Hat Children's Hats and Bonnets

The Product Review

In review today we have a Little Sun Hat in grey, mustard, and dusty blue (which is fully reversible, giving you two hats in one).

I immediately fell head over heels for the colourway and pattern of this hat; and the little dome shape and ear flaps are all kinds of lovely. When it comes to design features, there’s several points worth mentioning.

Firstly, the brim is made with interfacing so it actually stays rigid in place (yay!); with the chin snap closures aiding against wind gusts (such as the kind that happen when you run reallllllllly fast). I also like that you can throw this hat in the wash, and even the tumble dryer, and give it a quick iron to get it back into the perfect shape (if you have the energy, that is…) Pop this on at the park, on your walks, or at the beach with your favourite rashie and boardies. You’ll be protecting little heads, faces, and ears too.

The verdict… top notch style, quality, and workmanship!

Little Sun Hat Children's Hats and Bonnets

The Indie Label

Little Sun Hat was born after the arrival of Kara’s fourth baby in the Spring of 2013. She explains, “Wanting to protect his sweet new skin, I sewed him a little bonnet with a friend. I had to sell the idea of a “boy in a bonnet” to my husband, so I called it a Little Sun Hat!”

“Our babe wore the hat all through the summer, we received many compliments and other moms started asking me to make them for their children. So I like to say that Little Sun Hat was born, it’s been a labor of learning and making mistakes, and growing, but I absolutely love being in business!”

Little Sun Hat Children's Hats and Bonnets

The Creative Mind

Kara is mum to four boys (her sweet rascals), aged 7, 5 , 4, and 19 months. She draws her inspiration from vintage photography, new babies, taking day trips with her family, and collaborating with others.

Kara’s design aesthetic combines modern styling with the simplicity of vintage children’s wear. She says, “My headwear has been carefully considered for accommodation of both. I think good design and simplicity of style demands a timeless piece that can be passed along to siblings, friends, and generations. I offer three styles right now, a Classic Bonnet, a wide brim Modern Bonnet, and a Cap”.

“Right now, it’s almost Winter here in Washington (US). We live in a small community nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, so I’ve introduced Plaids, Herringbone Tweeds, warm sweater layers, and Pom Poms into our styles. In the summer we switch to light linens and cottons. I’m very excited about the new Spring15 collection, the prints are ahhhhhhmazing!!!”

Little Sun Hat Children's Hats and Bonnets

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Kara (in her own words):

  1. I love a really good espresso with just a little caramel sauce.

  2. I want to live in a tiny cottage someday.

  3. My husband is my very best friend.

The Handmade Collection

You can shop for summer children’s hats at Little Sun Hat’s Etsy store. They are currently having a summer sale with 50% off the regular price and global shipping available.

For our Northern friends, you can check out Little Sun Hat’s winter collection here.

Little Sun Hat Children's Hats and Bonnets


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