Designer of the Week - Magic Fairy House

Say hello to Laura from Magic Fairy House. Laura is an imaginative soul who has recently developed the precious product that you see below. The Magic Fairy House nightlight is now available for purchase, in pretty pink (with more colours arriving in the next few days). Check out our review below, and get your order in for pre-Christmas delivery.

Magic Fairy House ceramic nightlights

The Product Review

The Magic Fairy House ceramic nightlight is handcrafted in New Zealand with clay from the township of Kerikeri. Laura explains that local artisans individually mould, cast, fettle, and paint each house by hand. The paints are non-toxic and inside each house you’ll find a little battery powered faux candle, which you can switch on and leave throughout the night for a soothing mellow glow.

I’m completely enchanted by this creation. It’s so lovely for a child’s room and provides the perfect backdrop for your fairytale telling… just imagine all the tales you can tell about the little fairies that live inside! I wonder what they’re getting up to each evening by the light of their candle? I bet they’re baking batches of Christmas cookies!

Laura suggests that engaging with fairies is a well tested tool to help children when they are going through difficult childhood stages such as sleeping issues or starting a new school. You can find some examples of this on the Magic Fairy House website (oh, and the tooth fairy is a regular visitor as well).

You can purchase the Magic Fairy House nightlight online for $89.95 NZD ($80 AUD) with free delivery to NZ or AU.

The verdict… enchanting, beautifully crafted, and oh so precious.

Magic Fairy House ceramic nightlights

The Indie Label

Laura launched Magic Fairy House in August of this year, inspired by her daughter Eliza. She explains, “My daughter Eliza loves all things fairy and asked me when she was three whether she could have a house in her room for fairies to come and visit. I struggled to find a good quality fairy house anywhere so I set to work designing my own”.

“I wanted to make a range with both children and parents in mind. It was important that they were appealing to design minded parents along with children. I knew I’d achieved it when I saw children squealing with delight at one of my samples and equally when I had a parent stop me in my tracks at the airport asking where she could buy a little house”.

The Creative Mind

Laura loves working with pastels and organic materials such as clay. She is inspired by her children, 1 year old Jonty and 5 year old Eliza, as well as the beauty of nature. The original Magic Fairy House features a pastel pink roof and trim, but Laura will also be releasing other colours in the coming weeks, making the appeal more gender neutral (and welcoming gnomes as well as fairies).

Magic Fairy House ceramic nightlights

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Laura (in her own words):

  1. I was on the cover of a gym brochure for ten years. Yes … random. My friends never let me live it down.
  2. Lipstick makes me happy! I can never quite have enough of them. It’s like buying a new outfit every time I get a new one.
  3. I have a Masters degree in History. I love old school objects and the nostalgia that fairy houses bring.

The Handmade Collection

At the Magic Fairy House you’ll find nightlights, as well as fairy dust and garden chimes. The company embodies everything that is important to Laura, who aims to create beautiful, high quality products that are sustainable and ethically made. Even the packaging of her products is locally made and recyclable!

Magic Fairy House ceramic nightlights


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