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Hey folks, if you haven’t had the opportunity try out wovii towels, now is a great time to jump on board with this special offer. These seriously soft and super absorbent towels are Amazing (with a Capital A). They literally absorb water off the skin within seconds and then dry quickly, back to a soft plush state (unlike heavy, soppy old school towels). Fancy 20% off? Scroll down for the details.

Wovii Quick Dry Towel Sale


Savings and SpecialsSnag three standard sized for just $69.90 (RRP $89.85), or try out the taster bundle (1 standard wovii, 1 pocket wovii, and 1 washer wovii) for just $39.95. Hurry, offer ends on 30 November, 2014.

Woviis are great for bath time, but are extra awesome for trips to the beach (taking up less space and drying out fast for re-use).

>> Shop for quick dry towels at wovii


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