KID tested... Toddler Bites Sandwich Cutter!

Last week we had the pleasure of sharing a product from Thanks Mum called the OnTray. Today we’re road testing another handy invention – the Toddler Bites Sandwich Cutter. This simple, fun product cuts your sandwiches into 9 bite sized sandwich pieces and is designed for toddlers (18 months +) who are learning to self feed.

Toddler Bites Sandwich Cutter


So here’s what I like about the Toddler Bites Sandwich Cutter. While you could certainly do the same job with your trusty old knife, during our testing phase this week we gave the job of “chief cutter” to Miss-Six-and-a-Half who loves to help out in kitchen and also loves to “coordinate” her little sister, Miss-Two. The plastic handles on the cutter made it safe for Miss-Six to use, and little sis thought her mini-sandwiches were a delight. Dad had the important job of eating all the leftover crusts, with bulldog buster chomping on a few as well.

Priced at a reasonable $10, we thought that this was a quirky product, which added a bit of playfulness to lunch preparation.

The verdict… convenient and fun!


>> You can buy the Toddler Bites Sandwich Cutter at Thanks Mum


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