KID tested... OnTray (Trolley Snack Tray)

Let me start off today’s review by saying, I love a handy invention! If it makes my life a little bit easier, and is innovative, practical, affordable, and well made… you can sign me up! So with that in mind, our invention of the day is the OnTray. This cool creation was designed by a mum with the goal of making grocery shopping more pleasurable (for both parents and kids)…

OnTray (Trolley Snack Tray)


TheĀ OnTray is made from BPA Free plastic and comes in four bright colours. It features a sliding lid that can be kept closed to store snacks while it’s in your handbag, and easily slides open once you attach it to a shopping trolley (with a simple clip on action). Once you’ve taken off the lid, you can slide it back on the bottom of the tray to give added stability to the product while you’re on the go and also to ensure the lid doesn’t go missing mid-outing.

I took theĀ OnTray on its maiden journey over the weekend and found it easy to use, and a little bit fun as well. It’s BPA free (which is an absolute must) and you can pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. At a very affordable $12, the OnTray makes a worthwhile addition to your outings arsenal.

The verdict… practical, affordable, and sanity saving!


>> The OnTray is available online at Thanks Mum


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