Creative Cravings... Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day! I’m so pleased to have woken up this morning to some sunshine, and I look forward to spending the day out in the beautiful Australian countryside. Our creative cravings today come to you from some of our favourite Madeit sellers, each and every piece handcrafted right here in our big Aussie backyard. Enjoy!

Handmade Australia Day Theme

Happy Australia Day!

  1. Polka Dot Braces and Bow Tie Set by Tina Barton Designs
  2. Brad the Bunny Amigurumi by 3 Beans in a Pod
  3. Fruity Hair Clips by Plushka
  4. Little Budgie Earflap Beanie by RedSherbet
  5. Freestanding Ampersand by Studio Astratta
  6. Green and Gold Clay Necklace by Belle Bangles
  7. Silicone Nursing Teething Necklace by My Natural Baby
  8. Glass Stud Earrings by Joy Blue
  9. Yellow Spot Cushion Cover by The Wiggle Tree
  10. Green Owl Bib by Joeyjellybean
  11. Concrete Succulent Planter by Nothing But Vintage
  12. Set of Three ‘Ball’ Mason Vases by Made by LT


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