Designer of the Week - Red Dog and Me!

Hello friends! It’s with great pleasure today that I introduce our very first designer of the week for 2015… the lovely Zoe from Red Dog and Me. Zoe specialises in personalised name signs and nursery decor, including the amazingly awesome superhero banner that we are reviewing today. Scroll down to check out our review. There’s also a chance to win this banner for your child’s room!

Red Dog and Me Handmade Kids Decor, Banners, Names

The Product Review

The Red Dog and Me Superhero Banner is handcrafted from bright and cheerful yellow, red, and blue felt and features “POW!!” cut-outs in starry blue and white cotton. It is perfect for decorating the bedroom door or wall of a budding superhero and can be custom made with any word, name, or colour combo you can imagine.

This banner is exceptionally well made and comes ready to hang with a stitched on string. It makes for an affordable mini artwork for the little folk at $40 and is durable enough to last right throughout childhood, high school, university, and to be handed down to your grandkids! I like this cool creation so much; I can’t image that any kid could ever outgrow it!

The verdict… a super stylin’ accessory for superheroes!

Red Dog and Me Handmade Kids Decor, Banners, Names

The Indie Label

Zoe launched her label (originally Happy Red Dog) a few years ago, driven by what she describes as “boredom behind a desk”. In 2015, Zoe has decided to leave her desk job behind and throw her full heart and soul into her creative venture. Such exciting times… let’s get behind her folks! You can find links to Zoe’s stores and social media pages below.

Red Dog and Me Handmade Kids Decor, Banners, Names

The Creative Mind

Zoe is mum to two kids, “One of the canine variety and one of the human variety! The human one is a 3 year old boy named Louis”.  Her beautiful red boxer dog (pictured below) is also the namesake of her business.

Zoe draws her inspiration from her son and her friends’ children and loves to work with bright colours, felt, and denim… happily creating vibrant, fun products with littlies in mind. Zoe explains, “There are so many amazing fabrics out there, I just have to see a new fabric and my head starts spinning with ideas! My 3 year old also keeps me inspired and gives me ideas with whatever he is into at the moment. He loves to see me drawing on the computer”.

Red Dog and Me Handmade Kids Decor, Banners, Names

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Zoe (in her own words):

  1. I am originally from England and much to my mums dismay I married an Aussie….oops!

  2. I will be studying floristry this year as an additional creative outlet.

  3. I love growing stuff, be it veggies or flowers. I am amazed by the natural world.

The Handmade Collection

You can purchase Zoe’s creations online at Madeit or Etsy, or visit her on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest news.

Red Dog and Me Handmade Kids Decor, Banners, Names


Red Dog and Me Giveaway


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