Creative Cravings... Lemon Citrus!

We have sunshine! Hooray for a bright, happy, warm, frolicking day (after a week of gloomy rain)! To celebrate, I’ve chosen to showcase a super cheerful hue today, lemon citrus! I especially loving those stripey citrus sweatpants in the middle. These ones are for babies and toddlers, but I think I’d like a pair in my size. Enjoy!

Lemon Citrus Theme, Children's Clothing, Toys, Accessories

Lemon Citrus…

1. Swiss Cross Baby Blanket, 2. Crochet Mouse Rattle, 3. Lemon Citrus Tee
4. Tasmanian Oak Kitchen Board, 5. Striped Skinny Sweatpants, 6. Citrus Headband
7. Lemon Toddler Sun Hat, 8. Organic Lemon Bloomers, 9. Lemon Yellow Moccasins


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