Behind the scenes with daniel (ink.)

It’s with great pleasure today that I share a little sneaky peek into the creative mind of our new friend Daniel Pavlovic from daniel (ink.). Daniel is an illustrator who creates a range of super cool tees for kids and grown-ups, and we’ve recently added a bunch of them to our favourites list. Enjoy!

 daniel(ink.) children's t-shirts

Daniel (ink.) is…

A little t-shirt business. I do my own hand-drawn illustrations and have them screen printed (yes the old fashioned way) onto t-shirts.  Currently, there are 11 designs to choose from in tees for men, women, kids, and babies.  There are more coming very soon, with my first ever exhibition in April this year!

My artistic / educational background is…

I was never much of a drawer as a kid, but I developed a liking for art in my later years at secondary school and went on to do Cert 3, 4, and a Diploma in Drawing.  As part of the course I did a t-shirt and my friends wanted one, which is how the whole business idea came about after discussions with my Dad.

 daniel(ink.) children's t-shirts

Three things that make my business unique are…

  1. The illustrations are all my own, I’m not even sure myself where I draw my inspiration from, it just comes.

  2. Secondly, I’m really lucky that the designs appeal to everyone, from really young kids through to grandparents.

  3. Lastly, my Dad turned out to be a super salesman, he is amazing at the markets – who knew?

My favourite materials to work with are…

Lead and coloured pencils and charcoal; although I have recently been introducing acrylic paints – I’m hoping some of these will translate to t-shirt design in the not to distant future.

 daniel(ink.) children's t-shirts

When I grew up I wanted to be a

Comedian! I still love comedy, almost more than anything else – but I’m happy a twist of fate intervened and I I now have my own t-shirt business! I love interacting with all the people I meet and working with my family and friends to make it a success!

If I could go back and give one piece of advice to my teenage self it would be…

Do more exercise to build my muscles. This is very important for me particularly, which I didn’t appreciate, but a great thing for any teenager!

If I could trade places with anyone in the world for one day it would be…

James Mason – you may not know this but he is Chris, on Neighbours – yes, that’s Neighbours as in Ramsey Street.

 daniel(ink.) children's t-shirts

Three things most people don’t know about me are…

  1. Okay it’s a bit daggy, but I am a total Neighbours addict and I’m proud to admit it.

  2. I have Cerebral Palsy.

  3. I never miss a Neigbours episode! I told you I’m an addict.

My biggest weakness is…

Mmmm, well I have anxiety, I view it more as my biggest challenge to overcome.

My biggest strength is…

My sense of humour. My life is a challenge, but my humour really gets me through, much to the annoyance of some of my family and friends.

 daniel(ink.) children's t-shirts

Thanks so much for sharing Daniel, it was a pleasure getting to know you better!


>> Visit Daniel’s store!


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