Designer of the Week - Cheeky Britches!

We’ve been huge fans of Cheeky Britches since their debut collection back in 2013. It’s hard to beat their incredibly soft, sustainable fabrics and stylish, modern design aesthetic. Today we’re delighted to share our review of the ‘Finland’ AW15 release; inspired by the tapestries of Scandinavian artistry. Here’s a little peek into the creative mind of designer, Giorgia.

Cheeky Britches Children's Clothing, Finland Autumn Winter 2015

The Product Review

In review today we have the French Terry Long Sleeved Tee and Woodland Play Pant. First up, let me just say that I LOVE the fact that the top is handmade by Melbourne mums. Knowing that makes owning it a little bit more special. It’s made from soft and supple organic cotton and features an envelope neckline (which is an absolute must for the little folk with the big heads. The colour palette of navy, grey, and cream, makes it easy to match with a range of pants… however, none better than the organic Woodland Play Pant!

The signature woodland print from Cheeky Britches Finland collection is all kinds of lovely. It’s perfectly unisex and if you look at it closely, you can imagine strolling through that beautiful wood, with the playful deer, birds flying overhead, and bunny rabbits frolicking in the crisp winter air. Like the terry tee, the woodland pants are organic, with just the right amount of stretch, and are built to last through all kinds of awesome adventures.

The verdict… a high quality, and exceptionally stylish collection!

Cheeky Britches Children's Clothing, Finland Autumn Winter 2015

The Indie Label

Cheeky Britches came to life in 2013, with a debut collection that was well received by mums across the country. Giorgia explains, “Searching the shelves for eco friendly and fun looking little outfits seamed so difficult and at the time. Organic cotton was the only real alternative to cotton or polly. With Lucy’s driving force to start something new, in 2013 we began to work hard to create an Australian made, sustainable and socially aware baby wear label with a new modern look”.

“As the designer my job is to create a story and a mood for our label. Travel was something we were both fond of so I decided to base each collection around a new take on traditional clothing from around the world, one country at a time. While the Business has Changed and evolved over the years, I have found myself now running the label with my husband and venturing out and into kids wear sizes and even women’s wear with emphasis on post natal functionality”.

Giorgia is a mum of 2 children, Gabriel is 4 and just entered into the ELC Melbourne Uni Kindergarten where they explore nature and work with their creativity to all ends, and Isla is 1 and just entered her first year into child care. Giorgia says, I worked with Isla on my back for the whole first year of her life! As parents with very little support and a thirst to watch our kids grow under our roof, it was the only way to get by”.

Cheeky Britches Children's Clothing, Finland Autumn Winter 2015

The Creative Mind

Giorgia chose her business name to honour her first son Gabriel, who she describes as “the most energetic, fast moving, crazy little vivacious creature with a ‘cheeky’ I had never seen before in a child. I had many pet names for him that put emphasis on his nature and “my little cheeky pants” was one. Cheeky pants just didn’t cut it on the drawing board, but Britches… it fit perfectly as soon as I heard it roll of my tongue. I would say it has been a great talking point for our label”.

Giorgia has a preference for working with natural, sustainable fabrics. She says, “Bamboo has been my most loved fabric, not only because of its properties and the fact that I can make my own clothes from it when I need something new but because it is just so super soft and functional. I know my child always feels great in it and looks amazing too. It is super soft to touch like silk, I noticed when someone was holding my child they always made a oooohhhh reference to the feel of their clothes. Organic cotton is a must for me too. We use a heavier weight fabric with a four way stretch and a hint of spandex. It really is the best of the best when it comes to organic cotton jersey and you know this because the clothing lasts and lasts well”.

When it comes to inspiration, Giorgia’s children are at the top of the list… “Gabriel was strongly into woodland animals when I was creating this range, it seamed only natural I would want to create a pattern around that theme for him. While he has now moved onto dinosaurs, I like the idea of my clothing being a talking point for the kids too… like one of their favourite toys”.

“Creativity is something that flows freely to me. However, sometimes being a mum of two under the constant pump strains that flow. In cases like that I gather inspiration from the world around, searching images online, looking at story books and toys… when I see my samples on my kids in my mind I pull them apart until I find the right way to make them better and that aids in my creativity enormously. I think both Gabe and Isla are very patient with me!”

Cheeky Britches Children's Clothing, Finland Autumn Winter 2015

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Giorgia, in her own words:

1. Sewing has been my main talent to date. I still dabble in wedding gowns and bespoke women’s clothing. When I have an even to  go to surprisingly I make most of my long evening gowns out of the same bamboo that I use for Cheeky Britches. No on knows this secret and I always get so much gushing over the soft fabric choice!

2. Gardening is my calming hobby. If living in my little inner city townhouse with my hubby, two kids, two dogs and fish ever makes me feel boxed in, I retreat to my garden for some time out. I’m exploring indoor trees and plants this year to help bring the outdoors indoors this winter.

3. I come from a creative family. I grew up in cafes watching my father sketch everything in sight. While he has gone on to make a living out of his passion for drawing I only dabble as fun. I love sketching high fashion as design has been my life. It is tricky to find the time to draw these days, but having a label always gives me reason to pick up a pencil here and there, I’ve just had to learn to adapt to draw children instead of poised women.

Cheeky Britches Children's Clothing, Finland Autumn Winter 2015

The Handmade Collection

The Cheeky Britches Finland collection includes signature pieces such bunny rugs and bamboo bedding, delightful Organic cotton play pants, New Zealand Merino wool wrap cardigans and beautiful quilted vests in French Terry and Organic Cotton.

With the release of this season, Cheeky Britches are now making clothing children up to the age of five.

Cheeky Britches Baby Clothing


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