Australian T-shirt Tour - A Little Pocket

DAY 27 – We’ve spent quite a lot of time in Melbourne during our Australian T-shirt Tour, soaking up the style and meeting some of the locals. Today’s stylin’ tee is from the creative crew at A Little Pocket. The ‘Scatter Tee” is available in sizes 2 – 10 years, and features a bold multi-colour print.

A Little Pocket Children's Scatter T-shirt


About A Little Pocket…

Launching in 2012, A Little Pocket is kids fashion at its absolute edgy best. Australian made, and catering for ages 2-10, A little pocket will have your kids looking uber cool while going about their daily business.

This winter, A Little Pocket presents the “Reverie Marionette 2015” collection, which is now available to purchase online and at selected boutiques.


Visit A Little Pocket…

Online store | facebook | instagram


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