Australian T-shirt Tour - Arkadia

DAY 13 – Ahoy me hearties! Today’s seafaring style comes to you from Ammber & Justin at Arkadia on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland. It features a five colour screen print of the dastardly Captain Tentacles, who raids the ships of unsuspecting pirates then flees to the dark depths of the ocean where he guards his spoils.

Arkadia Captain Tentacles Children's Nautical T-shirt


About Arkadia…

Arkadia is a label for kids and the young at heart. Using ethically made garments of exceptional quality as a canvas, each design is lovingly created and printed in Australia in small, limited edition print runs. Woven into the fabric of Arkadia is the joy of new discoveries, the wonderment of childhood, a longing for simpler times and the magic of nature. Ammber and Justin explain, “Our unique prints draw inspiration from nature, our children, our own childhood nostalgia, bygone eras, simple pleasures and vintage treasures!”

The Arkadia ‘Let it Grow’ range takes you through ever-growing gardens to underground burrows and sea caves. From larger than life cockatoos and dinosaurs, to tiny mythical creatures and slumbering foxes… “In true Arkadia style, we take you back to your childhood with our retro and nature inspired prints. Dedicated to all places and things growing wild and free”.


Visit Arkadia…

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3 comments to Australian T-shirt Tour – Arkadia

  • sharyn w

    love arkadia shirts 🙂

  • Hi guys,

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    Thanks a bunch!

  • Angela Vearing

    Done. Love our Arkadia shirt. We got it when you first started up, the Chair swing one. Still one of my favourites on my boys as its now been handed down and still looks amazing.

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