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DAY 16 – Here in the KID independent household, we love us some superheroes! Today’s feature tee is from the creative crew at Freddy Alphabet. Printed onto a 100% cotton tee using eco friendly water based inks, this stealthy looking guy is ready for action. We’re seriously digging his bold, yet minimalistic appeal. We bet there’s a whole lot of bravery behind that neon yellow mask!

Freddy Alphabet Kids Superhero T-shirt


About Freddy Alphabet…

A big warm welcome from team behind Freddy Alphabet! “Our favourite hobbies are talking to dinosaurs and taking bus rides, sometimes we’ll even talk to dinosaurs while we are on the bus. We spend most of our frantic weeks translating ‘Monster’¬†as there aren’t enough people who speak ‘Monster’ these days. And the occasional lazy weekend might involve a spot of martian hunting or bathing our pet bulldozer. Sit back, pour yourself a hot cup of rock soup and enjoy your stay at Freddy Alphabet land… but please make sure you have fun!”

The Superhero Tee is new to the Freddy Alphabet collection, which is all about making the world what we want it to be. Superheroes really do exist and if you eat your vegetables, apparently fruit works too, slowly but surely you turn into one… but please be aware it is a big transformation and can take a while. Once your powers start appearing it is important to use them for good not evil; so share your finger buns.


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