Australian T-shirt Tour - Iggy Little

DAY 8 – Riding on in to day eight of the Australian T-shirt Tour is daredevil dog, Iggy Little, on his speedy yellow scooter. Iggy was designed in Perth by Ingrid Schmechtig. Pictured here in dark grey and stone, you’ll also find Iggy in red, royal blue, light blue, and light pink… with sizes to fit 6 months to 6 years.

Iggy Little Scooter Children's T-shirt


About Iggy Little…

Inspired by the lively imagination of children, Iggy Little is an independent kids’ t-shirt label based in Perth, Western Australia.

The company’s namesake – a free-wheeling, scooter riding dog – has been the star of the show ever since he rode off the page with the wind in his fur back in 2012. Together with a mischievous gang of thrill-seeking adventurers, they bring their irresistible sense of play and friendship to children everywhere.

Iggy and his gang are hand printed onto combed cotton t-shirts in Perth, resulting in a product that is original, comfortable and long wearing. There are currently 13 adventuresome characters in the Iggy Little gang, with a new character released every quarter.


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