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DAY 6 – Time for a sweet treat from our friend Tress at Kit& (kit-ern). The Munchie Anionette t-shirt features a cheerful and charming cupcake, screenprinted onto a musk pink cotton tee. It’s available in sizes 0 – 6 years and is easy to match with a skirt, leggings, shorts, or jeans. Mmmm… this t-shirt is making me hungry!

Kit& Munchie Anionette Girl's T-shirt


About Kit&…

Kit& is a creative platform for cute and playful togs that kids will love. Each t-shirt is delicately hand printed and every design has been carefully curated to be part of a child’s journey. All t-shirts are hand printed in our tiny little studio in Perth, WA, and printing only on t-shirts that are made from accredited sweat-shop free factories.

There is a story behind every design, with a title/name for every design. I’ve always been fascinated with animals, especially while growing up. I would make up stories about them and doodle away, which I still do today. My stories usually revolve around friendships and adventure – something close to my heart which I share through my t-shirts and in hope to inspire.


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