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DAY 21 – It’s taking all of my will power not to intro this post with “What did the fox say?” – doh! I did it anyway! The charming Mr. Fox tee is handmade by Bronwyn from Retrobub. Featuring an appliqued chevron design in orange and grey, Mr. Fox is available in a range of styles, including tees, onesies, hoodies, dresses, and coordinating fox print leggings.

Retrobub Children's Appliqued Fox T-shirt


About Retrobub…

Retrobub specialises in handmade children’s clothing, made to make you smile, in comfortable, easy to wear styles. Each design features an individually handcrafted applique, created like a collage from patterned fabrics.

This season Retrobub is inspired by animals, re-imagined in Aztec and geometric patterns. Alongside Mr. Fox you’ll find wolves, tigers, lions, metallic gold confetti spots, and geometric prints. The collection caters for sizes 00000 – 5 years, with many gender neutral designs.

Designer Bronwyn Howell started Retrobub in 1996 after previously working in fashion design. Following the birth of her daughter she found a love for children’s wear that has endured. Retrobub is sold through markets and events in Victoria such as The finders Keepers and Red Hill Market, as well as online. Bronwyn says, “By selling directly to customers we get to enjoy our customers and their little ones, and we feel like part of a community. It also helps to keep the prices down which is a challenge with a handmade products”.

Retrobub focuses heavily on high quality fabrics and craftsmanship, aiming to create garments that may be loved, worn over and over, and handed down to the next child to be worn some more.


Visit Retrobub…

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