Australian T-shirt Tour - Two Little Warriors

DAY 10 – Today we’re carefully creeping into the jungle, camera in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of the majestic leopard in his natural habitat. Okay, so admittedly there’s not a great deal of leopard hosting jungles in Australia, but luckily we’re armed with healthy imaginations and this awesome leopard pop muscle tee from Two Little Warriors!

Two Little Warriors Leopard Pop Children's Muscle Tee


About Two Little Warriors…

Two little warriors is a boutique handmade infant and children’s clothing line.  Started 3 years ago,  TLW produces small run collections, designed and crafted by Liz, in her home studio in Brisbane, Queensland. Liz explains, “TLW was born to combat the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls that saturates the chain store market, making stylish items at an affordable price. I source fabrics from a variety of places and prints tend to be geometric and non gender specific. TLW’s range is ever expanding and currently includes onesies, pants, shorts, and shirts”.

The TLW Autumn collection is currently available and is a mix of geometric and animal prints tied together in a Jungle theme. Liz says, “I have designed this collection so that items can stand alone as a statement piece or mix and match with other items within the line. The focus for this collection has be style and comfort, so that kids can get on with the business of being kids. As will all my items affordability and functionality is key”.


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