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DAY 23 – Mr Tiger by Wilson & Frenchy is a little bit kitsch in his chevron shorts, suspenders, and top hat… and his fabulous flute playing and carefree foot fling is all kinds of quirky and sweet. I imagine that his voice sounds somewhat like Snagglepuss… and I’d very much like to make his acquaintance. You’ll find Mr Tiger in sizes to suit newborns through to 12 months.

Wilson & Frenchy Mr Tiger Baby T-shirt


About Wilson & Frency…

Channelling a refined crafty vibe with a smattering of nature, Melbourne-based label Wilson & Frenchy have managed to roll a whole lot of thoughtfulness into one adorable baby brand.

Sure, your bundle will look amazingly sharp in any one of their items, but the beauty of Wilson & Frenchy is more than one layer deep. Each design is printed on the finest threads of cotton; only in factories that proudly wear the fair trade sticker. What’s more, each design is unique – having been individually illustrated by hands with over a decade’s experience.

Ranging in sizes from just-brought-into-this-world (size 0000) to “hey, I’m getting used to being out here” (size 0), Wilson and Frenchy are proud to share their creations with you.


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