Creative Cravings... Mint & Musk

Hello my pastel loving friends! Today’s lovely handmade assembly is all about mint and musk, two delicious colours that complement each other perfectly. I’d personally like to add all of these pieces to the KID independent household. So. Much. Cuteness! Wishing you wonderful weekend; filled with love, laughter, and lots of relaxation!

Mint & Pink Handmade Jewellery, Moccasins, Accessories

Mint and Musk

1. Wooden Brooch Set, 2. Mint & Pink Nursery Mobile, 3. Geo Wood Blocks
4. Tooth Fairy Pillow, 5. Geometric Metal Cat Brooch, 6. Wooden Laser Cut Arrow Necklace
7. Mint & Pink Leather Moccasins, 8. Cute Bow Hair Clips, 9. Pastel & Silver Wooden Bowls


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