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Hello friends, please allow me to introduce our Designer of the Week – Samantha from Ely-Jac Designs. Samantha is the brains behind the Flip Lid range of children’s lunchboxes and today we’re sharing our review of the red lunchbox, and taking you on a behind the scenes tour. Flip Lid is proudly Australian owned, and we love that it is a designed by a busy Aussie mum with two awesome kids.

Flip Lid Lunchboxes, Lunch Box, Waste Free

The Product Review

The Flip Lid lunchbox is jam-packed with features. First up, it’s made from BPA & phthalate free materials, which is a must for food containers. The outside of the box boasts bright funky colours with contrasting rubber trim for easy gripping. Inside, you’ll find 6 compartments, with three designed for recess, and three for lunch (2 sandwich sized and 4 snack sized). These compartments make it easy to control your portions and it’s also fun for kids to flip through each compartment to discover what’s on the menu.

We like how the Flip Lid eliminates waste and fiddly separate containers and lids. You can pop your snacks directly into each compartment and it’s simple to wash up just one container at the end of the day. Samantha also releases a handy menu planner each week, which has 5 days worth of recess and lunch ideas to suit a Flip Lid.

The Flip Lid is available in 5 colours, two of which are transparent.  Samantha has also just finished designing custom cooler bags, which will be available soon.

The verdict… a practical, well designed lunchbox from a local Aussie mum

Flip Lid Lunchboxes, Lunch Box, Waste Free

The Indie Label

Samantha launched Flip Lid in August 2014, sparked by a random though that struck her one morning while making her kids lunches for school.  She explains, “My thought process was literally “I hate these lunchboxes, I could make one way better than this”.  I started to think about what I would create if I could do my own and that is quite simply how it all started.  I thought about what I, as a parent wanted in a lunchbox, and combined it with an aspect that I thought would capture kids’ attention”.

“I started the whole design process over 5 years ago now, before then I had never stopped to think about what it took to get a product from an idea into something tangible… boy do I know now.  Not only is it very expensive, which caused a lot of stops to the project, but it was also the time that my kids and I became a single parent family.  I took delivery of my first shipment in August last year and have since then been steadily growing my customer base including retail stockists around Australia.  I’m pretty pleased to say that I even have a few overseas customers as well”.

Flip Lid Lunchboxes, Lunch Box, Waste Free

The Creative Mind

Samantha’s kids have been both the inspiration behind, and played a role in creating, both her business name and product logo colours.  She says, “My business name is the one closest to my heart, Ely-Jac Designs, named after my two amazing kids Elyse & Jackson.  They helped me choose not only the colours for the Flip Lid logo but also the lunchbox colours for our first production run.  In essence, I made the Flip Lid Lunchboxes for them, and going forward, I will always have them in mind when creating new products.  It’s their sense of fun and cheekiness that I want to re-create in my products”.

Flip Lid Lunchboxes, Lunch Box, Waste Free

In describing her creative motivation, Samantha explains, “I’ve always had a creative streak I guess, I have a head swimming full of ideas and really want to get stuck into them all once!! When my kids were small, I started a party box business, with all themed items you’d need for a kids birthday party.  It was great to start a new concept and I loved it, but it began to take up too much time and I wasn’t willing to trade off time with my little kids to build a business. I just wasn’t in that headspace at the time, so I gave it away”.

“It wasn’t long after that that I saw others had begun the same business, which made me smile knowing I was ahead of the game.  A few years after that came an online scrapbooking store, propelled by my absolute love of all things scrapbooking at the time.  I also write, but haven’t had anything published (haven’t even finished). I have hundreds of pages written on about 3 different storylines.  So one day you may see my first novel on the shelves!”

Entering into the lunchbox game was a big step for single mum Samantha, and she says, “I’m a very small fish in a very large pond which can make it difficult to find your place, but it gives me the opportunity to grow at a pace I can handle as the business is still just me, myself and I wearing all hats and juggling all tasks. It allows me to have clear and direct contact with all my customers, they know that the person answering the email or tweeting or posting to Facebook is the same person who created the product they are buying”

Flip Lid Lunchboxes, Lunch Box, Waste Free

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Samantha (in her own words):

  1. One of the weirdest facts I guess is that I like stale Twisties.. did I just say that!?. Long story, but it stems from a childhood memory that I hold dear.

  2. A special talent I have is to get more excited at things than my own kids do, sometimes embarrassing them in the process! My idol growing up was Wonder Woman… I got to meet her at Movie World a couple years ago, of course I was darn excited about it.

  3. I do love reading and writing, just never get enough time to do either.

The Handmade Collection

You can purchase Flip Lid online, or via selected retailers. You can also visit Flip Lid on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube for recipes, special offers, and the latest news.

Flip Lid Lunchboxes, Lunch Box, Waste Free

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