GIVEAWAY + Review... Gertrude and the Ivy!

Not only does the lovely Josie from Gertrude & The Ivy create handmade loveliness from beautiful fabrics, her creations are every bit as practical as they are cute. Her current range includes baby and toddler sun hats, as well as these super handy toy straps. Check out our review below and enter to win one of three straps to test out for yourself!

Gertrude and the Ivy Toy Straps


First up, I must say that the sheer convenience of these toy straps make them a huge winner in my eyes! I use mine every single day… on the pram, in the highchair, around my wrist during playtime while I’m out at a cafe with a little one on my lap, and even to hang up our favourite toys at the end of the day…

The fact that these straps look lovely and are very well made is a double bonus. They’re around 55cm long when fully extended and 34cm with the snaps closed. They have several snaps along the strap to fit a variety of items including teethers, toys, and even sippy cups. They’re machine washable, and their $9 price tag makes them very affordable too!

The verdict… so handy, you’ll want to start a collection!




>> Shop for handmade toy straps at Gertrude & The Ivy!

Competition winners: B. Simpson, J. Hadley, and C. L. Lin


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