GIVEAWAY & Review - Jolie Petite Chose

The lovely folks at Jolie Petite Chose have added a new range of spotty gold metallic baby blankets to their collection, just in time for the cool change. Available in pink icing and winter white, and made from 100% cotton knit, these blankets are sweet, stylish, and perfect for bassinets and prams. Check out our review and enter to win a blanket in winter white!

Jolie Petite Chose Gold Metallic Spots Baby Blanket

Ten things I adore about Jolie Petite Chose blankets:

  1. Super fancy gold metallic spots
  2. Dainty & charming pink and white background
  3. Lightweight to take you across multiple seasons
  4. Ideal for baby showers and gorgeous gift giving
  5. High quality, for a keepsake to pass down the line
  6. Ultra soft and cuddly, which is perfect for little poppets
  7. Adds a little bit of sparkle to your modern nursery theme
  8. Handy size for bassinets and prams, not too large & bulky
  9. Cute enough to keep in your child’s room as they grow
  10. In stock, and available for purchase online!


Jolie Petite Chose


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