Creative Cravings... Catch Some Zees!

I spied this awesome Hello Apparel “I’m So Tired/Not Tired Pillowcase” at Mickey House Kids this week and it served as my inspiration for today’s Creative Cravings. If you’re a parent, chances are you have a very strong appreciation of the preciousness of sleep… I sure do! Please enjoy this quirky little collection; may your evenings be filled with quiet cuddles and sweet dreams.

Sleepy Toys, Dolls, Cats, Accessories, T-shirts, Naps, Pillowcases


1. Sweet Dreams Banner, 2. Peace Love and Naps Tee, 3. Sleepy/Happy Reversible Doll
4. Sleepy Wombo, 5. I’m So Tired/Not Tired Pillowcase, 6. Dream Animals
7. Sleepy Kitten Softie, 8. I Like Naps Tee, 9. Sleepy Head Notebook Necklace


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