Creative Cravings... PING! Slingshots!

Hooray for the weekend! It’s raining like the proverbial cats and dogs here in Queensland and we’re in dire need of a fun indoor activity…. enter pom pom and felt ball slingshots! These are so much fun for kids and grown ups alike and the collection below has both DIY tutorials and links to stores where you can buy a slingshot ready made. Enjoy!

Handmade, DIY, Slingshots, Tutorials

PING! Pom Pom & Felt Slingshots!

1. Pom Pom Slingshot | 2. DIY Nature Slingshots | 3. Golden Rainbow Wooden Slingshot
4. Wooden Eagle Slingshot | 5. Neon Green Slingshot | 6. Pom Pom Slingshot
7. DIY Confetti Slingshot | 8. Wooden Slingshot Tutorial | 9. Slingshot Kit



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