Fun Friday...Carrots! Carrots! Carrots!

Happy Friday! I’m super excited about the weekend and I’m also having a wonderful time transitioning into some long sleeved garments now that the mornings and evenings are getting a bit frosty. Today’s outfit of choice is the gorgeous Organic Carrot Romper from DUNS, which is not only playful, stylish, and superb quality… it also serves as the inspiration for our Fun Friday Feature!

Handmade Carrot Toys, Softies, Rompers, Patterns, Bunnies, T-shirts



1. Carrot and Bunny Couple Art Print
2. Handmade Bunny Softie & Carrot Rattle
3. Bunny Loves Carrot Softie

4. DUNS Organic Carrot Romper
5. Needled Felted Carrot Phone Pluggy
6. PDF Carrot Pattern

7. Peter Rabbit Felt Doll
8. Rainy Day Rabbit Softie
9. Carrot Top Bead Necklace

10. Crochet Carrot Toy
11. Carrot Baby Bib
12. Peace Love and Vegetables T-shirt


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1 comment to Fun Friday…Carrots! Carrots! Carrots!

  • Many thanks for having featured my carrots made in crochet. I am so touched. And what a beautiful selection.
    Thanks again,

    Perrine from Petit MushyP

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