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Any Maurice Sendak fans in the house? Today we’re super excited to share this collection of children’s artwork from Peter Pan Prints… in particular, the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ designs. These guys create children’s storybook art featuring fun quotes from classics such as Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Dr Seuss, and heaps more.

Peter Pan Prints Children's Art, Where the Wild Things Are

The Product Review

The magic of fairytales and stories is a staple of childhood that stays in your heart like a close friend throughout your life; reappearing as nostalgia and warmth when you relive the magic by reading to your own children…. and everyone has a favourite. The ragged book with crinkled pages and dog ears due to hundreds of reads… In this house, we love ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and we read the story from the very same copy that was read to me by my own mum and dad.

This week, I gleefully added the “Let the Wild Rumpus Start” design from Peter Pan Prints to my son’s room, and it has made me smile everyday since. The print is made using high quality archival paper with fade resistant ink. It can be made in a huge range of colours, and is available in small easy to frame sizes right through to giant posters. You can also purchase it as part of a ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ set.

The verdict… cherished memories for young and old!

Peter Pan Prints Children's Art, Where the Wild Things Are

The Indie Label

Peter Pan Prints came to life in October 2014, and is run by a husband and wife artistic team. Melinda explains, “We both share a passion for our childhood memories of pirates and princesses and how our wild dreams made us the artists we are today. We chose to start Peter Pan Prints to inspire children. Stories reach our heart and help us discover how we might make choices on the moral lessons we learn. We choose the name Peter Pan Prints because the story reminds us there is a kid in all of us and that we never really grow up. So we hope our prints reach not only children but adults as well”.

Peter Pan Prints Children's Art, Winnie the Pooh

The Creative Mind

Melinda and Hope are proud Aunts and Uncles, and happily tell everyone there is a Grandson in the family… a dog named Chewy. Their inspiration comes from many sources, and Melinda says, “An artist’s spark is really hard to define. But overall we find that if we put on some inspirational music and keep up to date on design trends and take our occasional walks around museums, parks and stores – we feel ready to get to work. We understand that colours, styles and trends are a revolving door so we try to put a modern twist on the good old classics”.

Peter Pan Prints Children's Art

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Melinda and Hope (as told by Melinda):

Hmmm… depends on what you find interesting… I can tell you 3 things I’m proud of!

  1. My husband and I both love reading the bible together and living a life full of contentment.
  2. I used to be a dance instructor for ballet and I terribly miss all the children I used to teach.
  3. My husband is a “Living Pandora” box… every week he can spout any song at the drop of the hat… sometimes I don’t know where he gets all these all these songs, but it makes the work day go by.

The Handmade Collection

You can purchase Peter Pan Prints online via Etsy. Melinda and Hope also run a few other stores, including: Kitchen Bath Prints, The Word Shop, Pixie Pixels, and Coffee Shop.

Peter Pan Prints Children's Art, Storybook, Fairytales

Peter Pan Prints Children's Art


>> Shop for children’s storybook at at Peter Pan Prints


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