Creative Cravings... Roar Like You Mean It

The majestic lion… king of the jungle… big sharp teeth, ferocious roar,  lustrous golden mane. Today theme is a celebration of my favourite big cat. Here you’ll find handmade toys, puppets, decor, and leggings. All of these guys have a quirky, friendly, and sometimes fierce appeal. I especially adore the little black and white polka dot lion in the centre. He likes to stand out from the crowd.

Handmade Lion Toys, Clocks, Decor, Kids Clothing, Leggings


1. Crochet Lion Wall Hanging | 2. Party Lion | 3. The Square-Headed Lion
4. Organic Lion Leggings | 5. Polka Dot Lion | 6. King of the Jungle Baby Blanket & Pillow
7. Bamboo Lion Wall Clock | 8. Lion Finger Puppet | 9. Miniature Lion Toy
10. Lion Heart Wall Clock | 11. Striped Shirt Lion Softie | 12. Lion Wall Clock


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