Creative Cravings... Strawberry & Caramel!

Happy Saturday! This sweet selection of goodies is a celebration of all things strawberry and caramel… a couple of lovely hues that look absolutely charming in garments, toys, decor, and more. The initial inspiration behind this collection was the Plush Fox on the top left, which is lovingly handmade by Finkelsteins. Enjoy!

Strawberry Caramel Pink Beige, Children's Clothing, Toys, Accessories


Strawberry Caramel


1. Plush Fox Friend | 2. Cute Frenchie Tee | 3. Woodland Tea Party Dinnerware
4. Three Cute Friends Bookmarks | 5. Vintage Style Bunny Softies 6. Little Deer Tee
7. Ragtales Rag Doll | 8. Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit | 9. Pink Gold Chevron Headband
10. Blushing Rose Owl Baby Mobile |11. Pink Pick-up Truck | 12. Pink Haired Girl Coat Hook


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