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Allow me to introduce you to eatsleepdoodle, a design house based in the UK that produces creative decor and home wares with the aim of injecting fun and humour into interior design. In the spotlight today we have the doodle duvet; an eatsleepdoodle signature product that is, in our opinion, a little bit awesome.

eatsleepdoodle, the doodle duvet, children's doona covers

The Product Review

TheĀ eatsleepdoodle doodle duvet cover (doona cover) is made from 100% Turkish cotton. It features button fasteners and is printed to look like a giant piece of paper… which is where the fun begins. Packaged with a set of 10 double-ended doodle wash-out pens, the doodle duvet invites children to draw, colour, and create…. monsters, flowers, names, words… the sky is the limit!

First up, we love the fact that this duvet is made from high quality cotton (which is sometimes lacking in children’s bedding). The crisp white cotton makes the perfect backdrop for the bright wash-out pens. In fact, in all honestly, I spent more time colouring in this duvet than the little miss who helped me to test it out… it’s just so much fun! This is definitely one to add to your gift list for upcoming birthdays. It’s available in single, twin, double, and queen, so you can treat yourself, your kids, your friends… or even your parents. There’s no age limit on creativity!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the colouring does indeed wash right out of the duvet after use, giving you a new blank canvas every time. The ink is water soluble and comes right out in a warm machine wash leaving no trace at all. Genius.

The verdict… the perfect sleep canvas for creative individuals!

eatsleepdoodle, the doodle duvet, children's doona covers

The Indie Label

Eatsleepdoodle came to life late one evening in 2012 when designer Chrissie Probert Jones was jotting down a few ideas. Chrissie says, “I thought what fun it would be to use a duvet cover as a giant sketchpad, then wash it clean for my next idea”. The doodle duvet was the first product in the range, which soon expanded to include the doodle kitchen collection (aprons, tablecloths, and placements) and the living range (pencil cases, iPad cases, pillow cases, and more).

The Creative Mind

Eatsleepdoodle combines two of Chrissie’s greatest passions, stationery and textiles. Her aim is to inspire people of all ages to doodle, in particular, to help grown ups rediscover the joy of doodling (mission accomplished in the KID independent household!). Chrissie is currently working on several new directions for 2015 and beyond. She explains, “My fascination with designing and creating, with stationery, art, and interiors, and with print design, haberdashery, and the world of doodling, endlessly jostle for position. Out of the mix are emerging some very exciting projects”.

So keep your eyes peeled folks!

eatsleepdoodle, children's homewares, decor

The Whimsical Spirit

Did you know that doodling is now recognised as a productive technique for increasing focus, creative thinking, and recall? There are even books on the subject, such as ‘The Doodle Revolution’ by TED inspirational speaker Sunni Brown, along with groups such as ‘Doodle-le-do’ and ‘Doodles Anonymous’. In France last year, adult colouring books outsold cookery books, and half the best-sellers on UK Amazon are colouring books! Apparently, there’s also a growing phenomenon in Australia of adults gathering for ‘colouring circles’ in coffee shops.

eatsleepdoodle, children's homewares, decor

shop the collection

You can purchase all of these goodies from the eatsleepdoodle website (global shipping available), or follow eatsleepdoodle on Facebook, Instagram, or via their blog, for all the latest news.

eatsleepdoodle, the doodle duvet, children's doona covers


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