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Have you met the very talented Hayley from Hazy Prints Studio? If not, you’re in for a treat. Hayley is a mum and graphic designer based in Christchurch, New Zealand, who specialises in digitally hand-drawn prints for kids and adults. We’re smitten with her dinosaur design… here’s our review along with a sneaky peek into Hayley’s creative mind.

Hazy Studio Prints Dinosaur Poster, Art Print

The Product Review

In review today we have the Hazy Prints Studio ROAR poster. We chose this poster as our favourite design from the Hazy Prints Studio collection, due to a certain dinosaur mad kidlet whom we knew would appreciate it greatly!

So what’s to love about this print? The A2 size makes an awesome feature piece, which can be framed, stuck to the wall with washi tape, or hung in a wooden poster hanger.  I dig how the bright hues of purple, orange, and yellow contrast with the grey and black. I also love the Japanese Godzilla vibe… This is a really fun design for big kids, little kids, and adults too!

This Hazy Prints Studio ROAR poster is printed on 200gsm high quality stock. It’s also available in A4 and A3 prints on silk matt card.

Note: I picked up a few poster hangers in Typo recently for a song… $8 a piece!

The verdict… a super cool print for lovers of spikes.

Hazy Studio Prints Art Posters

The Indie Label

Hazy Prints Studio launched unintentionally when Hayley’s son was a baby.  She explains, “He was, and still is, a good day sleeper (touch wood), so my escape from the overwhelming world of first-time Motherhood was to draw on the computer.  It started with putting together a few flash card animals for my son’s walls and somehow it grew into deciding to do the whole alphabet for him.  Once complete I added some pegs and strings to the flash cards and I listed it as a pack on a local website and had 7 orders in the first week.  I was amazed and excited.  It made me hope that one day I could live in the mystical world where I have a day job that I really love”.

Hayley chose her business name in honour of her nickname ‘Hazy’. Hayley says, “Just like my kids names, I often had doubts at the start about the name I went with, and sometimes I wish I had an awesome catchy trendy name, but Hazy Prints is who I am.  It’s me, and it’s what I do and I’m happy with it, and to hear someone say that they have actually heard of me before is unbelievably amazing”.

Hazy Studio Prints Monochrome Art Prints

The Creative Mind

Hayley is a mum of two extremely busy, intelligent, and strong-minded kids, 3 year old Ethan and 1 year old Olive. She says, “They are possibly the most frustrating people I know, yet I have never laughed or loved more in my life than I have since their arrival”.

Hayley enjoys working with both monochromes and colours. While her children’s living spaces are filled with colour, she describes her personal style as black with a love for all things industrial and recycled. When describing her inspiration, she says, “The more I create, the more I want to create.  People always ask me whether I find it hard coming up with ideas for designs, instead I find the opposite, I find it hard to mentally not turn everything into a print idea.  Age inspires me too – I’m 34 and I’ve learnt more about my own likes/dislikes in the last year than I have in my whole life”.

Hazy Studio Prints Alphabet Flash Cards

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Hayley, in her own words:

  1. I love music and grew up playing instruments, yet I can’t dance or sing to save myself.

  2. I would eat breakfast foods for every meal if I didn’t have a husband and kids who want real meals.

  3. I always swore I was a morning person, yet after 3 years of my kids waking up every morning when the clock starts with a 5, I’m starting to think perhaps I’m not a morning person. (Note from editor, I literally exclaimed “YES” loudly at my computer screen while nodding like a bobblehead when I read this comment).

The Handmade Collection

Hazy Studio Prints are printed locally on an array of beautiful finish cards.  Hayley also sources her packaging (i.e. stickers, tubes) locally whenever she can and loves purchasing from other small businesses. You can check out her full range here, with international shipping available. You can also follow Hazy Prints Studio on Facebook or Instagram.

Hazy Studio Prints Alphabet Flash Cards


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