Introducing Games To Go by Mollydag Made

I’m always on the hunt for educational, fun, and unique handmade toys. Today I’m admiring the Games To Go collection by Mollydag Made. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting their store, I urge you to take a look. My personal favourite is the Spy Decoder Wheel! I also adore the counting blocks, counting beads, and the simple, yet fun memory games. View the full range here.

Games To Go by Mollydag Made, Wooden Toys


About Games to Go…

Games To Go by Mollydag Made are designed to be always on hand when you are on-the-go, ready to pull out when the going gets tough and the youngsters need to be entertained!

These natural wood pieces are especially designed for children’s hands and through play they can improve a child’s motor skills. Talking to the child about the different picture motifs stimulates the child’s language, auditory and creative skills, as well as enhancing their enjoyment of playing. Instructions come with each game and describe a range of game-play alternatives that will suit a wide age-range.


Visit Games to Go…

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