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I recently had the pleasure of discovering a little design studio in Brisbane called Mutating Creatures. These guys specialise in custom made lighting, bespoke furniture, 3D printed handcrafted jewellery, and our review product today…. Coffee Thumb! Check out our review of this must-have coffee accessory below.

Coffee Thumb Carrier


Coffee Thumbs are designed and made in Brisbane from Australian hoop pine, a sustainable (AFS and FSC certified) resource. They’re available in a selection of natural wood stains, and are perfect to keep in your desk drawer, car, or handbag for anytime that you’re carrying more than one coffee, tea, or any other beverage.

There’s so much that we love about this simple, yet super handy product. Firstly, it’s made locally and is hand sanded and painted. It will hold small, medium, and large coffee cups and will save tons of cardboard and plastic takeaway trays in the process.

Each Coffee Thumb comes with strap and snap clip to hold it together when not in use, and the ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to use. As well as your average takeaway coffee cup, the Coffee Thumb will hold reusable coffee cups (such as keepcups and JOCO cups), juice bottles, beer and wine glasses, and more.

Buy Coffee Thumb online for $24.95, with free worldwide shipping on orders over $60.

The verdict… innovative, practical, and sustainably stylish


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