Creative Cravings... Happy Hearts!

Today’s delightful collection of happy hearts was inspired by a pair of pink and teal hearts and flowers boots (pictured top right) that are new in store at Kawaii Kids. So, so, so, so, SO adorable for winter. I’m also crushing on the hearts and birds tee on the top left… have a fabulous weekend my friends.

Heart Sweater, Clothing, Toys, Decor, Stationery




1. Bunch of Birds Heart Tee | 2. Arrow Heart Tee | 3. Flower & Heart Boots
4. Children’s Heart Sweater | 5. Blythe Heart Glasses | 6. Heart Leggings
7. Hessian Heart Bags | 8. Heart Paper Bag | 9. Deer Pocket Notebook
10. Robot Sculpture | 11. Pink Love Heart Straws | 12. Striped Sleeve Heart Sweater


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