Creative Cravings... Yeah Yeah Yeti!

If you’re a long time reader of KID independent, you probably know that I’m obsessed with Yetis. I’ve assembled several Yeti themes in the past, and I’ve gotta tell ya… they’re just so much fun! So, here I go again… with a big goofy Yeti style smile on my face. Enjoy!

Yeti Theme, Toys, Clothing, Book, Jewellery, Lego




1. Gama-Go Big Yeti Vinyl Figure | 2. Good Jorb! Yeti Tee | 3. Yeti Lego Minifigure
4. Happy/Sad Yeti Necklace | 5. Sylvan: Yeti Edition | 6. Yeti Letterpress Note Card
7. Hug Me Yeti Mug | 8. Yeti, Turn Out the Light! | 9. Yeti Knitting Pattern
10. Boots the Amigurumi Yeti | 11. Yeti Legs Porcelain Bowl | 12. Bicycle Yeti Art Print


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