GIVEAWAY + Review... Jack n' Jill Buzzy Brush!

It has been many, many years since we’ve had an electric toothbrush in our household and I had forgotten how much fun they are for the little folk! Today we’re trying out the new Buzzy Brush Electric Musical Toothbrush from Jack N’ Jill along with a their new Koala bio toothbrush, rinse cup, and sleepover bag. Oh, and did I mention we have a full set of these goodies to giveaway? Submit your entry below!

Jack N' Jill Children's Electric Toothbrush, Buzzy Brush

We’re longtime fans of the Jack N’ Jill range of natural toothpaste and are delighted to see them expanding their range with playful, eco-friendly oral health products for kids. I think it’s pretty safe to say that every parent experiences frustration when trying to brush toddler teeth (and beyond), so any product that makes that process easier is certainly welcome in this house!

The Jack N’ Jill Buzzy Brush features a recycled and recyclable ABS (non-toxic) plastic handle with soft Dupont nylon bristles and is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate Free. It has a gentle rotary action so it’s pleasant to use on little teeth and is freestanding when not in use, to keep things clean. It has three settings (musical audio track, spoken instructional prompts, and silent) and runs on two AA batteries. Additional heads are also available.


There are several things I like about this brush. Firstly, the gentle rotary action seems to give an affective clean and the head is small enough to reach all around the mouth. Secondly, the kids found the buzzy motion to be hilarious and fun. Testing this out with pre-schoolers, I found that the song and the buzzy motion together were a little bit overstimulating, so we opted for the silent mode. I think that once the kids get used to the buzz, the song could be added in later. Lastly, the 6 bubble stickers that come with the Buzzy Brush were a big hit! We finally settled on the bunny decal, and have stashed the other stickers away for future use.

Alongside our Buzzy Brush, we also tested out the Jack N’ Jill rinse/storage cup, bio toothbrush, and sleepover bag. The rinse cup is made from bamboo and rice husks and the toothbrush is made from 100% Corn Starch. Both products are BPA and PVC free, biodegradable, and eco-friendly, and the toothbrush is also compostable. We happily report that the Jack N’ Jill range is exceptional quality and their earth friendly ethos has us completely hooked!

We’d love you to try out these products for yourself… so be sure to enter our giveaway below, and try your luck at winning a Jack N’ Jill gift pack.


Jack N' Jill Natural Children's Toothbrush, Toothpaste


Jack N’ Jill

*Prize includes – 1 x Buzzy Brush, 1 x Replacement Head (2-pack), 1 x Koala Rinse / Storage Cup, 1 x Koala Bio Brush, and 1 x Jack N’ Jill Sleepover Bag. Divider

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