Random Coolness... Eco Wheels!

There’s something extra special about handmade wooden toys. Not only are they durable, unique, and super fun for kids, they’re also an expression of the craft and talent of their maker. Today’s selection of wooden cars and trucks are from some of my favourite Etsy sellers. It’s tough to pick a favourite… so I think I’ll need to start a collection instead!

Handmade Wooden Cars, Trucks, Toys

1. Personalized Wooden Roadster | 2. Unpainted Wooden Bus | 3. Flatbed Truck & Car
4. Handmade Wooden Crane | 5. Wooden Car Pen Holder | 6. Formula 1 Race Car
7. Wooden Toy Truck with Logs | 8. Wooden Rattle Car | 9. Organic Wooden Race Car
10. Organic Wood Dump Truck | 11. Checked Wooden Car | 12. Multicoloured Wood Car


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