New Music... Hot Air by Recess Monkey

This week in the KID household we’ve been grooving along to the new release album from super cool musical trio, Recess Monkey. You may remember us sharing their ‘Penguinese’ music video (watch it here) last month, well today we’d like to give you a sneaky peek at the rest of the album.


My favourite track from ‘Hot Air’ is Paper Airplane for its awesome storyline. I also dig ‘Hand Me Downs’ for its groove, and ‘Head in the Clouds’ as it reminds me of a certain little daydreamer in the family. Overall, this is a cheerful album with the quirky, sing-along qualities that we’ve come to expect from Recess Monkey. The best part? It’s adult-friendly.


You can buy Hot Air by Recess Monkey via their website, or through iTunes.


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