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Hello friends! Regular readers of KID independent will be familiar with our love for all things wild. So it’s with great pleasure today that we introduce you to Anji and her handmade label The Dutch Hospital. Anji creates these amazing ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ crown letters and we’re all kinds of excited to share them with you today.

The Dutch Hospital, Where the Wild Things Are

The Product Review

The Dutch Hospital wood wall letters are laser cut from 6mm FSC certified natural Baltic birch wood and are hand printed with beautiful imagery from classic storybooks. Anji’s printing / transfer process is truly unique and results in a finish that has a distinctly vintage appeal, harnessing the magic of the story. Anji finishes off her letters with a professional matte varnish, which is completely smooth while still retaining the rustic burn mark from cutting on the back of the letters.

I’m so fond of my ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ letter set that arrived in the mail this week that it took me over a week to decide where it should reside. I finally settled on a special space in our reading nook, right above Maurice Sendak’s masterpiece. My favourite feature of these letters is, of course, the charming imagery. However, I’m also super impressed with the high quality finish and the fact that Anji’s uses environmentally friendly sustainable materials and natural dyes in creating her works of art.

The verdict… A little bit of storybook magic for your living space!

The Dutch Hospital, Where the Wild Things Are

The Indie Label

The Dutch Hospital came to life in December 2014 with two hand painted alphabet sets and one map decoupage letter set which was originally created for Anji’s daughter and her friend’s son for Christmas presents. Anji explains, “My daughter is a very clever girl who enjoys reading and singing both the English and Sinhalese Alphabets at the age of two. Her favourite song is the ABC sonG and her favourite books are Eric Carle’s ABC book and one of the old classic Sinhalese Alphabet books… So, I couldn’t think of a better gift than an alphabet set for Christmas”.

The Dutch Hospital Wooden Wall Names, Letters, Nursery Decor

The Creative Mind

Anji was born and raised in Sri Lanka and studied fashion design at university. She says, “I was a very creative child, and had a wonderful imagination and freedom to create. My mother knew enough to get me started and then stand back and not interfere. My grandmother was my greatest inspiration in love, life, and the creative side of my brain. She was someone who always puts others first and who never loses hope with me. So, what else does a child need to become a creative person, other than encourage and support from their own family?”

Anji spent a lot of her childhood reading and drawing classic children’s books from around the world. She says, “I still have more than 20 books that I loved as a child and still enjoy reading them. As a child, I used to read beautifully illustrated books translated from Russian to Singhalese (Sri Lankan language). One of my most loved books of all time is ‘The Flower with Seven Colours by Cvetik-Semicvetik’. When I was pregnant with my daughter Amelia, I start searching for books I remembered reading as a child. My passion and love for old children’s books became reality. I found lots of books selling online and from markets and car boots sales. I spend quite a lot buying vintage children story books and atlas books!”

Anji graduated in 2005 as a designer with the London College of Fashion. She spent several years working in the mass apparel production industry as a designer for several global sportswear and intimates brands. Five years ago, she migrated to UK with her husband to complete postgraduate studies in fashion management. Since then she has enjoyed living and working in the UK, enjoying life in multicultural and multiethnic Britain.

The Dutch Hospital Wooden Wall Names, Letters, Nursery Decor

The Whimsical Spirit

Here are some fun facts about Anji, in her own words:

  1. I love to spend time with my daughter (2.5 year old Amelia). She is full of joy and happiness; an adorable girl who loves to cuddle with her daddy and always have her own story to read with her mummy.

  2. I love photography and travelling.

  3. I love reading academic papers and publications (you might think what? Yes, although I am more pragmatic than academic, I love it).

The Handmade Collection

At The Dutch Hospital you’ll find a range of home décor, nursery & wall décor, wooden wall mounted letters, vintage map letters, free-standing letters, and educational toys.


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