Creative Cravings... Easy Tiger!

Hooray for the weekend! Today’s tiger-ific theme was inspired by the incredible Anthropomorphic Hand Painted Tiger Sculpture by Cart Before the Horse (pictured third row right). The colours are amazing, the facial expression is heartwarming, and the itty bitty tiger toy is all kinds of lovely! Also… I’m very fond of tigers, and one of our favourite books is ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea!

Kids Tiger Theme, Toys, Clothing, Decor


1. Sharp Tiger Tee | 2. Handmade Tiger Hat | 3. Organic Watercolour Tiger Tee
4. Tiger Baby Leggings | 5. Retro Tiger Poster | 6. Organic Teething Toy
7. Crochet Slippers Pattern | 8. T is for TIGER Digital Art Print | 9. Tiger Sculpture
10. The Tiger Who Came to Tea | 11. Personalised Hipster Tiger Tee | 12. Tiger Bandana Bib


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