A to Z of Etsy Animals...

Our friends at Etsy are celebrating their 10th anniversary this month and today we’d like to join in fun with our A to Z of Etsy animals. My first Etsy purchase was a custom amigurumi bunny from Rosie OK back in February 2010, which has been well loved over all these years! We’d love to hear about your first Etsy purchase. Tell us in the comments, or share on our Facebook page.

A - Z Etsy Animals, Handmade Animal Plush, Toys, Softies

A to Z of Etsy Animals…

A. is for Aardvark (by Mr. Sogs Creatures) | B. is for Bunny (by Blueberry Bandit)

C. is for Cat (by Cotton Monster) | D. is for Donkey (by Matilde Beldroega)

E. is for Elephant (by Wooden Frog) | F. is for Fox (by Little Bellwoods)

G. is for Giraffe (by Two Girls Crochet) | H. is for Hedgehog (by MielaSiela)

I. is for Iguana (by Luna’s Crafts) | J. is for Jellyfish (by The Hair Bow Patch)

K. is for Koala (by Minis by Vane) | L. is for Lion (by Misala Handmade)

M. is for Monkey (by EMERENstore) | N. is for Narwhal (by Little Luckies)

O. is for Owl (by Graphic Spaces) | P. is for Pig (by Finkelsteins)

Q. is for Quokka (by KiraKiraDoodles) | R. is for Raccoon (by Miss Honeybird)

S. is for Sloth (by Dainty Cheeks) | T. is for Tiger (by Hook&Fawn)

U. is for Unicorn (by The Roaming Peddlers) | V. is for Vole (by Candy Fleece)

W. is for Walrus (by Ryan Fowler Illustration) | X. is for Xerus (by JooJoo)

Y. is for Yeti (by pinkTopic) | Z. is for Zebra (by Little Owl Handmade)


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