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It’s Designer of the Week day! Hooray! This week I’d like to introduce you to Aasta from Charlie Loves Pearl. Aasta is a mum of one (her 2.5 year old daughter), with another one on the way, who creates a range of beautiful paper goods including children’s storybook bunting and garlands. Today we’re reviewing her Robots, Robots Everywhere design (we loooooove robots).

Charlie Loves Pearl Children's Vintage Storybook Bunting

The Product Review

The Robots bunting was created using a reclaimed book that Aasta discovered at her local Op Shop. She explains, “My daughter added this to my pile for her own reading pleasure. When I read it to her that night I was drawn to the colours in the illustrations. The story didn’t take me anywhere though and I asked my daughter if I could create a bunting from the book. She kindly said yes in exchange for a vintage Peter Pan book she’d been eyeing off for weeks!”

This bunting is well constructed using a cotton bias that is perfectly sewn over the paper allowing for durability and a quality that glue or hole punching won’t allow. The quirk factor is big with this book, and it adds a wonderful finishing touch to a child’s room. I love the idea of ordering a bunting of your child’s favourite book or character as a special piece to hang atop their reading nook. Aasta packages her bunting with the cover of the book used in the bunting, which makes for a lovely gift presentation (or for framing or use in other crafts).

The verdict… Literary loveliness for little ones

Charlie Loves Pearl Children's Vintage Storybook Bunting

The Indie Label

Aasta stumbled into her label Charlie Loves Pearl, as many stay at home mums do. She explains, “I was an at home, new mum, wanting to still create but working around a newborn. It was 2012 and although I was extremely busy learning about our amazing new ‘Little Squirrel’ I also felt quite lost as an adult and needed to throw myself back into creating as I had done since I was a child”.

“I’m addicted to finding books at curiosity shops and have far too many lining my shelves. The trouble is I will even buy books which are damaged and finally my husband put his foot down. No more books unless you actually need them! So…. I began creating with them and now I can continue to support my habit!”

Charlie Loves Pearl Paper Party Garlands

The Creative Mind

Aasta loves to work with vintage books, particularly those with damage that wouldn’t generally be kept. She says, “This certainly doesn’t prevent me from seeking books requested by customers. Many people order custom made bunting that they have memories of from their own childhood or have a significant link to a time in their childhood. I prefer to sew my bunting rather than hole punch and thread. I believe this adds to the quality and design. I also love a good party and have happily decorated my friends parties/ celebrations with handmade paper products”.

Charlie Loves Pearl Children's Vintage Storybook Bunting

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Aasta, in her own words:

  1. I love sewing fabric but never seem to find the time and therefore buy huge amounts of gorgeous fabrics which it seems I will never use.

  2. I love doodling and have begun designing my own paper for use in my party garlands range.

  3. I spend a lot of time setting up inspiring play areas for my daughter. As a teacher I understand the importance of play and how it can help shape and inspire.

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Visit Charlie Loves Pearl on Madeit, or follow on Facebook or Instagram for the latest news.


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