Creative Cravings... Feelin' Fuzzy!

We’re kicking off the weekend with this quirky and colourful collection of fabulous fuzzy friends. As always, it’s tough to pick a favourite… although I must say, the big haired Ellie E. Eglington by Needlings and the Forest of Fru Monster by Stuffed Silly are terribly difficult to beat! I’m also loving the concept behind the Worry Woolie children’s notebooks, which allow kids to share their worries & woes.

Fuzzy, Fluffy, Handmade Dolls, Monsters, Softies, Toys


Fuzzy Theme


1. Blue Bunny | 2. Happy Bibu | 3. Ellie E. Eglington Handmade Doll
4. Fennec Fox Plush Toy | 5. Worry Woolie Notebook | 6. Forest of Fru Plush Monster
7. Happy Hug Softie |8. Foxy Bear Softie | 9. Eclair the Monsterchef
10. Fuzzy Blythe Hat | 11. Monster Kigo Softie | 12. Cowl and Hat


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