Creative Cravings... Last Days of Winter

Hooray for the weekend! Today I’ve assembled an adorable collection of winter dolls and softies… enjoying their last opportunity to snuggle up in their winter scarves before spring arrives and the weather starts to warm up. I’m going to miss scarf season! It’s such a lovely time of year. Happy weekend friends!

Handmade Dolls, Toys, Scarves, Scarf, Winter, Softies


Winter Toys, Dolls, ThemeDivider
1. Minty Cat | 2. Mohair Bunny | 3. Grey Felt Bear
4. Maileg Elephant | 5. Boy Bear | 6. Lambswool Fairisle Dolly
7. Winter Piggy | 8. Sleepy Meu Kitty | 9. Snuggle Bear
10. Jeremy Owl | 11. Primitive Petsy | 12. Calico Rabbit


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