Creative Cravings... Simply Sweet!

Hello friends, and a very happy weekend to you all. Just when I thought we were ready to start wearing t-shirts, shorts, and lovely cotton dresses… the traditional mid-August cold snap is happening for one last chilly hoorah before spring! Anyhoo, that won’t stop me from doing a spot of spring shopping! I’m especially adoring the new release Love Romper from Alex & Ant! Wishing you a joy-filled day.

Sweet Girls Clothing, Toys, Dolls, Rompers


Simply Sweet


1. Triangle Geo Bird Necklace | 2. Little Princess Rag Doll | 3. Lucie Kaas Elephant
4. Invisible Crown Raglan | 5. Love Romper | 6. Watermelon Dipped Stool
7. Pear Poster Print | 8. Deer & Bunny Dress | 9. Rose Gold Baby Moccasins
10. Gold & Pink Brogue Sandals | 11. Pink Hair Rag Dolls | 12. Tatiana Lace Crown


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