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I’ve truly grown to love Wednesdays over the the past few years, because it’s the day I get to introduce you to a fabulously talented designer like Brianna from Emby Love. Brianna creates a range of modern picnic blankets that are every bit as durable as they are stylish. You can check out our review below, and also find out more about the driving force behind Brianna’s label. Happy reading!

Emby Love Handmade Stylish Picnic Blankets

The Product Review

I adore picnics. I adore nature. I adore family get-togethers. And now I adore Emby Love. Let me start by saying that I was drawn in initially by the styling of these picnic blankets… but soon turned my attention the durability and practical waterproof base. Brianna uses modern hues such as salmon and aqua, and classic patterns such as chevron. Her blankets are family sized (135 x 175cm) and feature triple layer construction of a 100% heavy cotton outer, thick polyester inner, and a waterproof nylon base.

Emby Love picnic blankets are built to last and are comfortable to use on a variety of surfaces. Each blanket comes with an elastic carry handle for easy ‘grab-and-go’ practicality, and we love how you can keep this blanket rolled up into a neat little log in the boot of your car for spontaneous picnics, or even as a play mat for your little ones when you’re out and about. OR… you could sneak off as a couple for a romantic candlelit picnic, or a cosy cuddle at your favourite winery.

Lastly, I’m super impressed that these picnic blankets are machine washable! Hallelujah to that! Finally a picnic blanket range with realistic expectations about their usage… honestly, who has the time to handwash or dry clean their picnic blankets!? Not me!

The verdict… sensible design meets modern styling.

Emby Love Handmade Stylish Picnic Blankets

The Indie Label

The inspiration for Emby Love was born along with Brianna’s first child. She explains, “Emby Love to me is that magical loving feeling you have the first time you see your unborn baby on the big screen in the sonographers room. For my husband and I, seeing the five day old, four cell embryo on the monitor in the hospital room moments before it was implanted back into my uterus during our first IVF cycle was the moment we knew that embryo was going to become the baby that made our family of two become a family of three. It was during the three hour road trip back home that the embryo we just saw and hung so much hope on was nicknamed “Emby” and that’s the story of “Emby Love”.

Today, nearly three or so years later, Brianna spends many days frolicking in the park and exploring the great outdoors with her family. She derives great joy in sharing a picnic with her family and friends in the fresh air and hopes that her handmade creations provide the same joy for other families around the country.

Emby Love Handmade Stylish Picnic Blankets

The Creative Mind

Brianna was born in country Victoria, moved to a bigger town an hour away when she was 12, moved to Geelong at 18 for uni, moved to Wollongong at 20 for more uni (where she met her husband) and then thought… “after completing two degrees, I’d better get a real job!” She eventually settled in Canberra (to be close to her family in Wollongong and her husband’s family in  Shepparton) and took up a job working as a dietitian.

Brianna’s sewing journey began while on maternity leave in 2012. She says, “My mum loaned me her sewing machine, an ancient “Globe 550″ that she bought when she had me 29 years ago, because apparently, new mums have loads of time on their hands, and sewing would be good to fill in the time, ha!”

“I taught myself to sew (because year 9 textiles wasn’t really enough) from trial and error with the help of a few ‘You Tube’ clips in between feeding, changing, settling, and feeding. While I could never promise everything I made was perfect, it was always made with love. What I love most about Emby Love is seeing customer photos of blankets in use – at the zoo, at the park, at the pool, at soccer, or even in my daughter’s favourite place – under the trampoline”.

Emby Love Handmade Stylish Picnic Blankets

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s four fun facts about Brianna, in her own words:

  1. I love cooking and food, which is part of the reason I become a dietitian. I think you are either a sweet or a savoury person and I unfortunately inherited the sweet gene. My weakness is things like sticky date pudding, citrus tart, cheesecakes, etc. You know, all the things us dietitians don’t recommend in the quantities I like to eat them…

  2. I have 22 cousins, I am the second oldest and I am the shortest of them all. Good things come in small packages right?

  3. I actually wanted to be an interior designer in my early high school years and now I just live out my dream via Pinterest and Houzz.

  4. I love being a mum. It’s always the simple things right? I have two beautiful girls who I adore and feel like I am just enjoying them at the ages they are right now (6 months and 3). It’s so lovely to watch them start to interact together and bounce off one another. I can only imagine the things they are going to get up to in the years to come.

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Emby Love picnic blankets are made from quality cotton, cotton canvas, and cotton linen blends, preferred by Brianna for their durability and natural appeal. Brianna explains, “I’m a fabric addict and when I find the most amazing fabrics my head goes a million miles wondering what I can make! I’m really excited to be launching some new products this year made from those very fabrics”.

You can find Brianna’s lovely creations via: Emby Love Website | Facebook | Instagram


Emby Love Handmade Stylish Picnic Blankets


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