Handmade Cooperative Membership Drive!

Here at KID independent, we love supporting creative handmade businesses. Our friends at Handmade Cooperative share this passion and today we’d like to share their annual membership drive. This dynamic community celebrates & promotes the best of Australian handmade and provides a safe and supportive network for like-minded businesses. Find out more here, but before you go, make sure you read our behind the scenes interview with Kate Waters, Handmade Cooperative’s Editor in Chief.

Handmade Cooperative


Hello! My name is…

Kate Waters and I am the editor at Handmade Cooperative. Founded in 2009, we are a community of 70 independent businesses who are obsessed with handmade and create children’s clothing, toys, accessories, homewares and bags. We share the latest Australian designs to make choosing handmade gifts for kids a whole lot easier.

My artistic / educational background is…

Science! I am a molecular biologist, which means that I work with DNA and bacteria and other small things that you can only see through a microscope. It is actually quite common to find biologists in the handcraft industry, science-brains and art-brains seem to go together. I am a self-taught artist, guided by my extremely creative family.


Handmade Cooperative


Three things that make my business unique are…

  1. Handmade Cooperative works to spread the word for Australia’s truly inspirational marketplace. We love finding the latest artisan products for kids.

  2. Behind the scenes, our members form a supportive and inspirational community of like-minded businesses. Many friendships have formed out of Handmade Cooperative and it is a great environment in which to network and build your business.

  3. We are a select group, which means that in September Handmade Cooperative runs a membership drive to restore our numbers to 70. The application process is only open for two weeks each year and we see a lot of very talented applicants.

When I look around my workspace I see…

Paint, washi tape, fabric, felt and glitter. Like most creatives I try my hand at many different crafts. Interspersed with my own works in progress are my children’s creative exploits, so we can add some Fimo and stickers to the mix.

My idea of complete happiness is…

A day spent wandering around and discovering new things in a museum, preferably in some lovely city in Europe. I think that I have a calling as an anthropologist.


Handmade Cooperative


Three things that make me smile each day are…

  1. The antics of my husband, two cheeky children and two mischievous dogs (they make me laugh every day).

  2. Feeding my family with fresh fruit and vegetables grown in our garden.

  3. Being blinded by the rainbow of colours that we have painted our home, love it!

My secret talent is…

Extreme organisation. Okay, that’s not a secret. I can also touch my nose with my tongue.


Handmade Cooperative


Currently residing on my bedside table is…

A pile of books. I love reading and a Kindle really doesn’t represent a lifetime of love for literature as well as a pile of real books. I’m currently exploring the French crime scene with Fred Vargas.

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is…

An empty laundry basket! Ah, first world problems. I also find it beautiful to sit in my front room each day and watch the parrots eating the lilly pilly berries. The natural world is a constant source of inspiration and beauty.

The motto I live by is…

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful, from William Morris. Words to guide your day.


Thanks so much Kate, it was lovely getting to know you!


Find out more about the Handmade Cooperative via…

Membership Drive | Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram


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